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Improve behaviour in your school!
Touco has helped hundreds of schools over the years to implement their whole school reward systems

Reward Tokens & Tubes

Whole School Reward Systems

Touco's House Point Tokens have been used in hundreds of schools as a hands on reward approach to improve pupils behaviour. 

Pupils are given 'Team Tokens' for good behaviour which they then place directly into their teams tube. Instantly rewarding the child in front of their peers for displaying good behaviour!

Explore our tokens and tube units below and contact us today to discuss how we can help your school!

All of our House Point Tokens are available as Biodegradable Eco Tokens as Standard!

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reward sets​

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Browse our range of Token Reward Sets. If you require different colours or bespoke tokens

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Improve behaviour with our reward token Starter Sets today!
Each set includes:
4 Tube Unit (Red, Yellow, Green & Blue )
29mm Eco Biodegradable House Point Tokens
 (Red, Yellow, Green & Blue)
Touco House Point Plastic Tokens Reward Tokens School
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