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Embossed Tokens

Standard Design or Personalised...

Which token will you choose?


Touco House Point Plastic Tokens, Embossed Tokens, Reward Tokens

Touco's Embossed Plastic Tokens

  • Your chosen design is moulded into the token and is therefore the same colour as the token.

  • Your design will be clearly legible and recognisable by touch. 

  • Personalise tokens on one or both sides to promote your brand and to add security! 


Token Sizes





Token Sizes
Token Colours

Token Colours

                                                light                                                        light         

 gold       yellow       red          blue         blue       aqua        purple     green      green      silver        black      white

Standard Embossed Designs

Is this what you are looking for?

Standard designs can be embossed on one or both sides of your tokens free of charge!

Some standard designs are available from stock in 29mm and will be dispatched within 3 days.

Touco Standard Embossed Plastic Token Designs

Personalised Embossed Designs

Feeling creative?

Personalise your tokens with your own design either on one or both sides! Simply send in your graphics in an Adobe Illustrator Vector file or high resolution PDF and we will emboss this onto your tokens!

Touco Personalised Embossed Plastic Tokens
Standard Embossed Designs
Personalised Embossed

Please note - all tokens are counted and bagged by machine. There is a tolerance of +/- 2%

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