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Stock Ocean Tokens 29mm - Pack of 500

Stock Ocean Tokens 29mm - Pack of 500


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Touco is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Stock OceanTokens! These Ocean Coloured Tokens are 29mm in diameter and have our Ocean Token Recycle Design on One Side and a Wave Design on the Reverse. 


In a bid to reduce our impact on the environment - Touco is pleased to introduce our new Ocean Tokens which are manufactured using old fishing nets from the sea. These nets are ground back down into raw plastic and used to manufacture our Ocean Tokens - giving these nets a new lease of life!


Contact us today if you wish to personalise these with your own design and we will put a quotation together for you straight away.


Pair with Small, Medium or Large Classroom Tubes and Boxes in our shop


We absolutely love these tokens and hope you do too!


Check out our Token Counting and Sorting Trays in our shop which hold 500 tokens per tray - perfect for organising tokens at your events


Please note - tokens are counted and bagged by machine. There is a tolerance of +/- 2%

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