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Place Value Counters - Group Pack (500 Tokens)

Place Value Counters - Group Pack (500 Tokens)

Teach Place Value in an Interactive and Engaging Way!

Group Pack includes:
100 x 0.1(Orange)
100 x 1 (Yellow)
100 x 10 (Green)
100 x 100 (Blue)
100 x 1000 (Red)

These tactile place value counters provide hands-on practice for developing numerical skills

Touco's Place Value Counters are fully compatible and colour coded to work with base 10 blocks

Suitable for: English Curriculum - KS1, KS2, KS3. Scottish Curriculum - P1-3 P4-7, S1-2

Counters can be lined up or stacked to visually show pupils relationships between numbers

Each pack includes 25mm diameter Place Value Counters with values printed onto both sides of the counters
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