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Large Red Eco House Point Tokens 35mm - Pack of 500

Large Red Eco House Point Tokens 35mm - Pack of 500


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Touco is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Stock Eco Biodegradable Tokens! These Red Eco Tokens are 35mm in diameter and have our House Point wording on One Side and our Standard Eco Design on the Reverse. 


These tokens are made out of potato starch extracts found from scrap potato peels used in food manufacturing. This makes them 100% Biodegradable when exposed to Oxygen, Water, UV Rays and Bacteria - perfect for our environmentally conscious customers!


Other designs available in this stock range as shown below - browse our store today:

Stock Eco House Point - Small 29mm Embossed 2 Sides

Available Colours : Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Burgundy, White


Stock Eco House Point - Large 35mm Embossed 2 Sides

Available Colours : Red, Yellow, Green, Blue


Stock Eco Design 1 - Green 1/2 Eco Design 1/2 Meal Design

Stock Eco Design 2 - Orange 1/2 Eco Design 1/2 Star Design

Stock Eco Design 3 - Burgundy 1/2 Eco Design 1/2 '1' Design

Stock Eco Design 4 - Blue 1/2 Eco Design 1/2 Beer Design


Eco Tokens are durable, tactile and can be personalised with your own logo if required or manufactured in different colours and designs as required- contact us today to discuss your bespoke needs.


Due to the nature of this material - there may be some mottling effect in the colour of the plastic adding to the Eco Biodegradable feel. For the care of our Eco- Tokens, we recommend to clean the coins with a slightly damp cloth. Due to their biodegradable properties, we do explicitly not recommend contact with water and any liquid detergents.


Pair with Small, Medium or Large Classroom Tubes and Boxes in our shop


We absolutely love these tokens and hope you do too!


Check out our Token Counting and Sorting Trays in our shop which hold 500 tokens per tray - perfect for organising tokens at your events


Please note - tokens are counted and bagged by machine. There is a tolerance of +/- 2%

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